Our proposal to masterbatch, compound and film in PS, ABS, PMMA, PC, PA, PET and HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC producers is formed by our Plast range - solvent dyes - and Novisfast P range - high performance pigments - selected for thermoplastic materials.


Novisfast P organic pigments for plastics application have been carefully selected for their excellent properties of dispersibility, colour strength development, light fastness and heat resistance.
Novisfast P product portfolio includes classical organic pigment, but also organic pigments with excellent light fastness and/or heat resistance. These pigments are outlined as ‘HPP’ (High Performance Pigments).
Novisfast P product range includes pigments recommended for colouration of plastics. However, the list is not all inclusive, other grades could be available to better fit your requirements.


Plast dyes are soluble dyes exhibiting high heat resistance, good light and weather fastness, high color strength and excellent brilliance. PLAST dyes dissolve in plastics melt at processing temperature and gives bright transparent coloration.
Plast dyes are recommended for coloration of engineering compounds such as PS, ABS, PMMA, PC, PPO, PET, PA, cellulose esthers, rigid PVC. They are not suitable for coloration of crystalline polymers (HDPE, LDPE, PP) or thermoplastics containing plasticizers (flexible PVC, flexible cellulose esthers).
Plast dyes portfolio includes dyes recommended for colouration of thermoplastics. However, the list is not all inclusive, other grades could be available to better fit your requirements.


Novisbright dyes are metal-complex solvent dyes carefully selected for their properties of excellent brightness and solubility.
Novisbright dyes exhibit generally a good solubility in the most common organic solvents joined to a good light fastness.
Novisbright dyes are suitable for coloring flexographic printing inks, writing inks, wood stains, solvent-based paints, leather finishing products, and other systems based on polar solvents.


NOVIS SRL - VIA LODZ 53/55 - 59100 PRATO (PO) - Cap. soc. € 115.000 i.v. - REA PO 516575 - CF / PI 05373900488

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